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Training and knowledge transfer

The USI promotes a synergy between the communities of research and intervention. It also supports the development of skills, in particular through academic training in public health, health service administration and management. Through its affiliations, the USI is part of a large academic and scientific network. It thus mobilizes experts for the development and training regarding approaches, processes, tools in global health or for the promotion of health. For example, the USI has carried out projects to decentralize academic training programs in Haiti.

In order to promote the use of knowledge derived from research, the USI supports knowledge transfer strategies. This field of expertise consists in making the link between research and knowledge users. These tools are particularly useful for supporting evidence-based decision-making and for improving practices.

Some examples of our involvement:

- Organization of conferences to share the results of operational research;

- Organization of deliberative workshops;

- Drafting of briefing notes or posters;

- Production and sharing of short information videos.